iPod Touch Ver. 4.2.1 -001-

I wanna manage iPod Touch 4.x without iTunes.

I want to use Winamp, but Winamp’s plugin doesn’t support iPod Touch 4.x.
I also know that foobar2000 can manage iPod Touch 4.x with plugin but i decided to use iTunes.
^^; Apple won.

The most famous plugin is ml_iPod. But the official Wiki says:

Project status – Winamp iPod plugin ml_iPod
No iPhone/iPod touch with firmware 3.x or higher with ml_iPod!

That’s too bad.

On the other hand, the plugin for foobar2000 supports iPod Touch 4.x as below:

dop:start [Columns UI Wiki]

Wiki says that it need iPhoneCalc.dll to use on iPod Touch 4.x.

I will use this in the future when i give up to use iTunes. lol